Gas station, Stockholm 2020 Gas station, Stockholm 2020

Gas station, Stockholm 2020

A customer asked us if we could deliver a used compressor station to a petrol station in Stockholm to replace the existing unit that had had a long standstill.

Through our contacts, we found a used facility, which we bought, renovated, and installed for the customer.

The compressor station was dismantled in Norrköping and prepared for relocation. Mobile crane and heavy transport were ordered for the actual move to Stockholm. Meanwhile in Stockholm, the old compressor station was dismantled. It was then transported to Ludvika for storage.

We cleaned up and plastered the concrete slab. The new station arrived and was put in place. This was followed by a few weeks of installation. Pipes would be connected and electricity connected, and the fence also needed to be moved to provide better space for the new larger container. The inspection went well and the plant was started up with good results.

With the purchase of this facility, the customer acquired a redundant station. It is equipped with two compressors instead of a compressor as in the old one.

Facts compressor station:
Motor power: 2 x 90 kW
Inlet pressure: approx. 4 bar
Outlet pressure: 240 bar
Total capacity: approx. 800m3 / h