Filling of mobile storage, Gryta 2021

Filling of mobile storage, Gryta 2021

A customer heard from us and told us that their compressor had collapsed and wanted to know if we had any alternative.

We found two compressors that would suit our customer perfectly.
An agreement was written and the installation could begin.

The customer dismantled the old compressor himself and scrapped it.
We took care of the relocation of the new compressors.

The installation began in February and the entire project was completed in April.
Our commitment included machine installation, electrical installation, inspection.
The customer undertook to solve the ventilation in the building.

Today, the customer has secured his flat filling with the help of two compressors, a redundant plant. The compressors together have a higher capacity than the old compressor.

Facts compressors:
Motor power: 2 x 90 kW
Inlet pressure: approx. 3.5 bar
outlet pressure: 240 bar
Total capacity: approx. 640m3 / h